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The Story of a Survivors Daughter

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Olszewski and my story is slightly different. I’m not a survivor or a current patient, but instead I’m a daughter of a survivor.

Back in the summer of 2011 I was with my mom when a minor incident left her in some pain. With others surrounding us we decided to go to the ER, so I drove her up there. She was stubborn about it so we sat in the ER parking lot for hours, or what felt like hours to me, debating whether or not she should go in. Finally, she decided to just go in and get everything checked out. It was late and they were taking all the precautionary steps and I thought it was nothing major. The only thing on my mind was that I had to be up early the next morning for work. My dad came up to be with her and I went home.

The next day I was told there were cysts found and they would be going in for surgery to remove them. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, all I knew was that they were going to take care of it and everything was going to go back to normal. Boy was I wrong!

Surgery day came and is a day that I will never forget. I had to work, but I went up to the hospital after work to visit for a while before I had another obligation. I walked in the room and sat down with my mom and dad and we were just talking. Then they said “Sarah we have something to tell you…” a million thoughts ran threw my mind, but nothing prepared me for the words that came out of their mouths next. To be entirely honest it’s a blur, all I remember is them saying my mother has cancer. I sat there in disbelief and I didn’t know how to act or what to do. All I thought was someone got something wrong because this couldn’t be happening to my mom! I didn’t show a single emotion gave my mom a hug and left. Little does she know, or anyone for that matter, that the second I sat in my car I cried my eyes out for my entire drive home. I was in disbelief and there was nothing I could do to stop this terrible disease.

In the fall I had to go back to school and my mom was going through chemo. I wasn’t there for her nearly as often as I should have been. However, she’s a fighter! She beat cancer! I can’t imagine my life without her and am honored and inspired by her strength and courage to deal with such a nasty thing.

Teal 2 Heal is here to help women dealing with ovarian cancer in central Wisconsin. I want to be able to help those women in any way possible. They need as much support and love as they can get during this hard period of their lives. They shouldn’t have to go through this alone and if there is any little thing I can do to help I want to be a part of it! My mom’s strength to start this organization to raise money makes me such a proud daughter and I will do anything in my power to help her achieve her dreams. She has supported my dreams my entire life, now it’s my turn to return the favor!

With this event and organization I hope we can get the word out there about ovarian cancer and help women in need! I didn’t know a thing about it until my mom was diagnosed. That’s not ok, with the risk of a woman getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime being about 1 in 75. Let’s get the word out there! Let’s help those who need help the most! Let’s support one another!

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